Dear countrymen, 

all of you who are originally from Preodac or you are admirers and lovers of this beautiful village at the foot of the mountain Šator (tent) you can find on this website information about Preodac and its surroundings. The intent was that this way at one place to connect, as the song said, "relatives and friends". So register on the site and become active participants in the construction of more quality and better site, to find for destroyed and nearly abandoned Preodac better approach for those who do not know, for those who are native to this area to see where they were (and might decide at least restore their destroyed homes and spend it on at least part of the year), and perhaps from that meeting it could generates a bit more and perhaps finally (after several failed attempts) success to rebuild our destroyed Church, or local community, perhaps someone hears our voice to the we need the normal road (instead of the current forest road through which they were taken in the form of millions of our forest wealth, and were brought mostly garbage, poachers, middlemen and much more, and unwanted), maybe something does manage to be made ... 


My goal is to get and the surrounding villages, similarly, make these Web sites with a variety of data and presentations, and gravitating towards our mother municipalities Drvar, Glamoc, Grahovo and Petrovac. Somewhere it was named - High Krajina (Highland). There lives the people who have the same roots, traditions, history, language and mentality, which has welcomed the 21st century to be set back like never before. 

Therefore, take some of your time and register, send your information about anything that you know more about Preodac, Šator mountain and our neighboring towns, the history of your family, administer parts of the site that you believe you are competent and where you can offer more and better than other, send your suggestions and comments, news you may have about our area and its people. 

God help us to see you on our fatherland, at our house, and even if they were now burnt to ashes. 

Due to personal commitments I have not been able to properly administer a previous version of the site, and  was unavailable for some time. Now we continue where we left off, and when our church is now somewhat restored, and hopefully we will in the future have good news for you. Also, this version of the site will be carried out at the English edition for our countrymen from wide world and their descendants who have not had the opportunity to learn our beautiful language and script, with the aim of approaching them, except the facts about our area and events, and thus help to better learn our language. 

With best regards!


P.S. I am sorry in advance for English grammar mistakes, I will do my the best to avoid it.

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