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on the pages from the "General data" manu you will find general information as well as scientific facts related to Preodac, its surroundings and the mountain Šator (Šator meaning Tent literally), related to various scientific fields like archaeological data (eg, data and knowledge about Momcilo's tower, Crkvine location below Momcilo's tower, etc.), the biological characteristics of the ecosystem, the data related to geographical, historical, meteorological (weather), soil (soil composition and quality) and other scientific disciplines, all according to the site enriching by new data.

We will try to present you the true and scientific facts from various fields. If you notice some mistakes, please feel free to contact our authors to make the data more accurate and up to date. A well-meaning criticism is a prerequisite for quality work.

I call all interested parties to participate directly in building this site by registering to him, and by his own affinity edit and update certain field or indirectly by preparing data and other materials in electronic format (images, audio, ...) and send to our email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

It is very important that the all texts will be linked with the sources from which it came to certain information in order verifiability and greater credibility to the above.

Kind regards and thanks in advance for your cooperation!

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