Preodac is a village

                                   in the municipality of Bosansko Grahovo, canton 10 , Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The village is located at the following geographical coordinates (at point of building of the former Municipal administration, better known location called - "At school", at the page footer is  Google Map for better review):

Lat 44 ° 12 '42.16' ' north latitude and

Lon 16 ° 34 '37.17' ' east longitude

Alt 900 meters or more is the average altitude 

Preodac is located in a valley that extends northwest from the base of the Mount Šator. On the northwest side is limited by the final slopes of Mount Jadovnik.

By Jovan Cvijić (famous Serb geographer - auth remark) it is geograph form called Bilo - broadly flattened mountain range limited by karst fields of Dinaric provide - Glamoč-s, Grahovo-s and the Livnos field (and Tičevo-s field - auth. remark). From this Bilo rises a ridge with a sharp tip and a bare, steep sides, a pyramidal shape makes the whole mountain was named (Mount Tent - auth remark).

From the top of a Veliki Šator (the highest peak of Mount Šator) provides a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains of western Bosnia: to the north Jadovnik Klekovača, Lunjevača, Srnetica and to the west Dinara, Vitorog and Cincar. At nice weather in the southwest can be seen the Adriatic Sea.

At the mountain Šator there is a beautiful mountain lake Šator's lake, glacial origin, and that the entire mountain environment provides a special stamp (more in part Hydrology / Lakes). In the village there is the artificial lake built in the early 1980s on the Šator and the Paradžikovac creek, in meadow section called Kubotovina. This lake was nice and friendly, very suitable for fishing for trout and chub, and now due to lack of maintenance become almost pond and overgrown with woody vegetation.

Sator lake

Preodac lake












 Preodac are directly adjacent villages: Veliko Tičevo, Malo Tičevo, Podić , Crni vrh, Rore, Popovići, Nuglašica, Peulje, Marinkovci. Preodac is due to the high altitude a typical mountain village, whose climate characterized long, severe winters with high snow drifts, and the shorter the other seasons. This fact influenced the allocation of tasks and work, types of crops were grown, animals were kept (in this region for cattle colloquial word is "blago" what means "treasure"), architecture and way of building houses and auxiliary facilities (basic materials are stone and wood) and finally the nature and character traits of the population. The earth is not too fertile and does not allow intensive agriculture, and usually there are mostly meadows and pastures (which provide extraordinary hay as a prerequisite for high quality food for cattle).

Preodac valley characterizes the gentle meadow areas intersected by numerous mountain streams that originate from more than 360 springheads for which the Preodac is widely known. In the rainy spring and autumn periods than these 360 wells and springs that are active throughout the year, it  appeared by countless small and large wells and springs. Then the whole village can be almost impassable by high water. Therefore, it is assumed that the name Preodac comes from - cross-over water.

 The central meadow area is framed by Mount Šator  slopes, covered with rich evergreen vegetation of spruce, fir and pine. Also on the mountainside are rich hardwood populations of beech, oak, linden, birch ... In the countryside, waterways were covered with willow, purple willow, poplar and similar vegetation.

The whole surrounding area which borders Preodac is the karst type. Limestone cliffs that characterize the entire area of the Dinarides and here are present but in a strangely beautiful way. The processes of erosion are expressed in several places, and the intervening afforestation after World War II relatively subdued.

In the bottom of the Mount Šator, at a location called Pošator, there is a spring called Brzica (- quick water - auth remark). From this source, together with streams from the site of the hamlet Gorica (eastern part of the village) and streams from the western part of the village  formimg the river Unac (at the base of the Momcilo's tower, at the beginning of the canyon called Sklop), which continues to flow north towards Drvar (and villages Podić , Brda, Prekaja, Mokronoge), to its confluence with the river Una near the place  Martin Brod near the monastery Rmanj.


This makes it a unique geographic, demographic and cultural space of Unac valley, but about extraordinary hydrography of Preodac  and the neighbour area read more in a separate section of Hydrology. In general, the Almighty was funded generously towards Preodac and environment when he shared the natural beauty that one people often does not know or does not want to price them and destroys or disfigures. At bottom of the page you can see Preodac at  Google Mapе.

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