Dear visitors,

at this pages on the site we will try to introduce you to all the events that occur in connection with attempts to revive our village. There will be a description of the activities that occur in connection with the renewal of our Church, the problems and obstacles, but and succees stories. In today's age of the Internet and suchs websites it can be achieved high data availability for broad mass of the people to ensure openness in the work and minimize opportunities for abuse and machinations.

Our intention is to introduce you:

  • planned activities related to the restoration of the church but also perhaps and some others?,
  • what is the project, what it provides, who done it? ,
  • how much it costs, how it intends to be financed?
  • how it could be delivered financial funds, who managed it and how ?,
  • what has been done and what should not?,
  • who are the donors how we can know to whom we owe gratitude and pay respect,
  • what are the obstacles and problems, to publicly identify and mark it,
  • for what resources are spent and how of our people, to avoid unwanted situations that discourage all honest and sincere people to participate in activities to help restore our region.

As they arise and other activities and initiatives, we will try to introduce them here. If necessary, we can create a section for discussion, where you can send us your constructive suggestions to publish them  worldwide.

Therefore, if you have suggestions on these issues, register at the website and become an active participant in restoring and protecting our homeland.

Best regards!

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